Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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So it has been a really long time since i visited my site. Like in the begining i said, I am not good at writing. So anyway last year I had the chance to study nursing at the North-West university. I SOOOOO love my job. I enjoyed every single bit of the profession. All problem I had was theory! I just cant study. So during the year I found my true love... funny story he was my best friend for 3 years. since then we have been dating now for 9 months and still madly in love. Sad to say at the end of the year one of my teachers told me to go see the psyciatrist. Well people after 4 years of failing in my studies they finaly diagnose my with A.D.D. How could they not know before? So now due to financial problems I had to leave university. I want to become a nurse one day! And I WILL! I will get my lucky break and soon!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Well it's been long time thinking hard about all the stuff i did in the past... Well to be honest i am only human. I've made a couple of mistakes the past few months one of them is the fact that I thought i did the right thing but in the end it just caused more heartache for me and well i hope the other person aswell, oky no wait that sounded realy heartless. I just hope they felt the same way so that i know they cared. Anyway i hate being so hardheaded, thinking that i'm always right. Sometimes you just have to come out and say "I am wrong and i made a mistake". I was just thinking about if they knew how sorry i am could there be any forgiveness? I cry myself to sleep almost every night thinking why was i so stupid? why didn't i just keep this big mouth shut? I miss her alot. I miss all the great times we spend together. Funny enough even if we don't speak anymore I don't think about the fights or bad words that were spoken, I think about the awesome times we had together. I messed up and i know things will probably never be the same again even if i wish it could. We all make mistakes. We are all human. Life is too short to stay mad.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Well i hope i get more time this year to write and if not... i don't give a shit. Anyways i started studying this year to become a nurse. I love helping people and i truely think i belong in a hospital. This year kicked of with a bang... Great new years party and soon after that i started feeling like a new person. And yes i have become a new person. I changed into something i realy like, for once standing up for myself and don't keep my mouth shut if something bothers me. It get me into trouble but honestly i don't care, if you don't like it fuck off. So now i'm all the way in Potch without any friends (although i made the first years my little slaves... hehe) and it scares me to be here and not with them. At first i thought everything was going to be OKY but now everything has changed. Just because i stood up for what was right i get treated like an outcast. Like i don't excist. I've been replaced and i am fine with that, or actually i am not. I though our friendship was stronger than that. I realized today that i was'nt truely all that to them. From now on the only people i will stick with is my lesbian friends. They don't treat you like a threat and they trust you. It was like on saturday we had a braai at a friends house. First of all everyone there was a couple except me and another guy. I'm sorry but i realy don't watch porn (just kissing but it looks like they want to take each other's tongues out or trying to eat each other) and i really don't wanna see it in real life, spesially if it's my friends. Secondly I had half a packet of smokes left, i left the house for 10 minutes and when i came back... GONE! Stolen or actualy smoked by someone. It is not worth it. I'm tired of trying, tired of phoning, tired of smsing, just plain TIRED! Now you can call me heartless cause my heart was torn out and i refuse to grow a new one!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I have great news! My dog had puppies this morning... well she's been in labour since 10 this morning. The last one came out at about half past 3. There was 9 of them but unfortunately the last one was a stillborn. The other 8 of them are healthy and crying my ears of. This was a really long day playing vet... on the other hand it was good exercise for next year. Being a nurse is not that easy you know. well 8 puppies later I would say a job well done (most of it done by the mommy dog though). The picture is not our puppies but they will look like that when they grow. And as soon as they start to look cute and cuddly i will post a photo. But for now they look like little rats.

Keep Cats Safe During Halloween Season

Long ago society feared cats, and many people believed a domesticated cat was actually a witch's "peculiar" — an associate of a person who practiced witchcraft.

With this excuse, hundreds of thousands of cats were trapped and killed to help rid the world of witchcraft.

Harking back to that stupidity, we still see people who use Halloween week as an excuse to hunt and injure cats. If you regularly allow your cats to spend time outdoors, this is an excellent time of year to keep them safely inside with you.

This is particularly true if your cat happens to be colored black.

Every year we see reports of cruelty visited on cats around the time of Halloween. And in recent years shelters have learned not to sell any black cats this time of year.

Perhaps people just want one to help decorate their home for Halloween? Whatever their purpose, most of these cats are returned to the shelters soon after the holiday. This is pretty much like seeking a kitten for the kids at the start of summer vacation and then abandoning it when the kids return to school in the fall. I often wonder what parents think they are teaching their children by such behavior.

As we have come to understand that some people will do this, shelters now tend to refuse to sell any black cats during the whole month. Failing access to black cats for their practices, those who seek cats for ritual or for sadistic practices will simply seek cats of any colors that can be found outdoors and torture them.

For these and other reasons, it is wise to keep your own cats indoors for the two weeks around Halloween, regardless of their color. To be really safe, cats should be kept securely inside an interior room where they will not be frightened by doorbells ringing and costumed children shouting and marching through the house. This way you can enjoy the holiday while knowing that kitty is safe and secure.

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